What is the right employee?

What is the right employee?

As a restaurant owner, you will be in charge of hiring and training the people that will make up your company. The success of your business will greatly depend on these people so you need to ensure that you are hiring for the correct positions that will carry out specialised functions in your restaurant, the right skills and experience level that will go with each position, and of course, the right kind of training that you will provide them during their employment with you.


We want to start off with letting you know, the key staff that you need to hire for your restaurant business. It is crucial that you have a master list of all the positions that you will be needing along with the specific skills, background, and even characteristics that you would like for these staff to have. Creating this master list entails a careful study of the tasks and functions that need to be carried out within your restaurant from the front house to the kitchen down to the back office. Your study will also include a look at the type of restaurant that you will be launching along with how big are you envisioning it to be.


Don’t rush into hiring someone without properly identifying the skills that you will actually need for their position. Do not hesitate on getting expert advice too if you think constructing your staff organisational structure is getting a bit confusing and difficult.

Our Staff Management Manual will help you select the right staff for your business with all the tools and procedures that are customized for hospitality businesses.

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