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About us

Hi, my name is Miriam, and I am the owner of Business Manuals Made Easy.


The manuals that are available on this site, have been created by me during my time operating restaurants and training hospitality qualifications over the last 15 years. 

These are REAL WORKING DOCUMENTS, and no crap added. 

Time is valuable when you work in hospitality, and you need to have clear instructions to be effective and have workability during service and busy periods.


I have owned three restaurants, and am a qualified trainer for hospitality, business, management and marketing.

My first restaurant had 5 staff and operated for around a year, was a contract in a hotel.  This was a massive learning experience, as it was my first time owning and operating a business, as I had previously been a travel consultant for 15 years.  My partner, a chef, and I thought it would be great as our first venture, and it was a very exciting experience.

My second restaurant was much bigger. 

It was located in a busy shopping centre, 100 seats, 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch daily with dinner on Thursday nights.  We had around 20 staff on the roster; that increased to 25 during the summer periods.  Our turnover was close to $1,000,000 a year, so we were a very busy operation.  We closed due to end of lease and not being able to continue due to changes done by centre management.

Cafe Metzzo owner Miriam Scott

In this venue, was where Business Manuals Made Easy was created.  To operate a business this size; you need to have systems in place.  I spent a long time creating, updating, auditing and perfecting my procedures over the 6 years that I operated this business; and it became fundamental to business operations.

Restaurant number three.

Lasted only 7 months, and again was located in a hotel lobby, and was closed due to many reasons beyond our control. 

Regale Restaurant and Bar owner Miriam Scott

Hospitality gets in your blood, and I love being in this industry, but I looked for other ways to continue being a part of it. 


Since then I have gone on to the Vocational training industry for 6 years; to teach and qualify many teenagers, adults and international students for a certificate or diploma in hospitality, leadership & management, business, project management, marketing and digital marketing. 

This was a great way to be more influential in the hospitality industry and provide expertise and knowledge to more people and raise industry standards for soft skills and knowledge. 

Having access to this education:

  • Helped with updating my manuals
  • Having more quality information
  • Adding formal requirements for specific certifications
Cafe Metzzo staff and owner Miriam Scott

When I see my employees from time to time, they always comment to me that they had the best experience working in my restaurants as it was so organised and they always knew what to do and when to do it, and no other venue had the same.

So I was constantly asked to have these manuals available to people starting a restaurant or wanting to automate their business. 


And now these manuals are online in the best format for easiest implementation, and are affordably priced, so you can add them into your operational procedures immediately. 

I hope that you get good use from these policies and procedures, as my previous employees did during their time with me in business.


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