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Reasons for customer complaints

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Reasons for customer complaints

Reasons for customer complaints


Most of the time, customers raise demands and complaints because of legitimate reasons. The top reason: their expectations were not met. Customers unknowingly build their expectation as soon as they enter your restaurant. From the interior of your business to the sight and appearance of your welcoming host, to the photographs on the menu, and even down to the final list of food that they ordered, customers will set all their expectations on all these, in their minds. A single thing under-delivered, and all these expectations will already be considered unsuccessful.


So, don’t let difficult customers stop your business from operating smoothly and don’t leave your staff shaking in fear at the sight of them. Let us help you prepare to face tough customers in challenging situations by building your customer engagement skills. 


Complaints are good, so look at them as opportunities to improve your business.  Any customer that has made a complaint, really wants to improve your business and their experience. 


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