Good staff characteristics

Good staff characteristics
Good staff characteristics

Being in hospitality, the business needs a people person and good staff know that.

You will find them greeting their guests and opening small conversations when needed.


To practice your people skills, always have that sociable atmosphere. A warm smile always leads to a good conversation...followed by a good flow of orders of drinks.


Make your guests feel comfortable around you by talking about appropriate topics.


You don’t need to be a chatterbox just to keep your customers' attention, but it will be a sure help to know some jokes or updates on current events.


Know your guests, ask simple, non-intrusive questions, keeping in mind that your current guest can be a future patron, so it pays to know them, bit by bit.


Here are some of the top qualities to look for in a hospitality employee:

  • Total Commitment
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Technologically Savvy
  • Must Love People
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Love to be Organized
  • Hospitality Experience
  • Good Team Player


Finding the perfect employees can be challenging for your hospitality business, but there are certain qualities you should always look for.


Help with the job descriptions and interview questions are some of our features in the Staff Management Manual - click on this link to get your copy -

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