Check Candidates Awareness and Networking

Check Candidates Awareness and Networking

Check Candidates Awareness and Networking

Most résumés produce a range of skills; however, they don’t specify how a person interacts with their peers and colleagues. Work today isn’t the deskbound slog it used to be. You need teams who are friendly, supportive and happy. 

Nine out of 10 résumés scream, “Look at all the things I’ve done. I was excellent at all of them.” No one wants to work with a person like that. You know it, and, let’s be honest, the candidate probably knows it too. Find out if their networking with relevant personnel in the field is something they pride themselves upon. 

Are they interested in the world? Are they passionate about certain topics? Are they bringing their network to bear and keeping themselves and others informed? Are they using it to learn, or just to tell other people their opinion? Are they happy to be an ambassador for you through their network, and is that what you want? These are subtle but incredibly useful indicators for an employer. 

More people are becoming connected online, becoming aware and using platforms such as LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool.

Find out more about the importance of checking candidates awareness and networking at our Staff Management Manual

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