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Staff with agreeable personalities make better team members

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Agreeable personalities make better team members

Agreeable personalities make better team members

Agreeable in the sense that this staff is not someone like you.  If his or her drawbacks are same as yours, this might not be good for the business.  Appoint someone who can bring something new to the table, something that you do not possess.  This person is going to be a great asset as he or she would blend and adjust well with other members of the team.  Also, people with an agreeable personality are the ones who are mostly engaged not only with making the business flourish but also sees the importance and difference of better customer service. Remember, customer service is a core function in any food business that needs to be excellent and flawless.

To find out more about how to ensure your staff have or can attain agreeable personalities, check out our Operations Manual at this link

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