What does it mean to be the face of a brand?

The face behind the brand


The face behind the brand


While having a well-defined business name is what’s going to give your business the first impression, your way of serving your customers, on the other hand, is what’s going to make them come back. Repeat business is a key to success in all businesses and yours is not an exemption.


Your personal approach in dealing with your customers can help you foster a good relationship with them. Knowing your repeat customers’ favourite coffee mix or order, letting them know that you are pleased to give them service once again, offering them a free taste on their third or fourth return, or giving them loyalty cards will let them know that you recognise them and that you value them too. You can also provide them discounts cards if they refer a new customer.


Word of mouth entails no cost at all but is a very effective way of marketing your business. Ask them to give your Facebook page a good review or re-share your Instagram posts to their network. You can use your patrons to your advantage by ensuring that they are being valued. Always say thank you when you receive a compliment. 



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