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Provide a lasting resolution to a complaint

customer complaints Work Heath and Safety Manual

Provide a lasting resolution to a complaint

 Provide a lasting resolution to a complaint

One sure way to avoid dealing with difficult customers is addressing a problem before it happens. If a task inside the kitchen and at the dining hall is done with utmost professionalism, it can minimise any awkward and inconvenient situations with a difficult customer.

A customer can be difficult to deal with but if there is nothing to complain about with your food, your service, and the style of your business approach, customers with this demanding attitude will never get triggered.

Effectively handling difficult customers is a common practice in the Food and Hospitality industry. At the end of the day, an unhappy customer that has switched to being satisfied and contented means more profit and assures you of a thriving business.

To find out more about dealing with customers, visit our Work Health and Safety Manual

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