Recipe for the business owner's soul

“Heart-warming Soup to Cap off a Day Full of Meetings”

This is not just any ordinary soup but one that has been developed to heal those who went through a marathon of meetings all day. Relax, read and have a little taste of this month's recipe made just for you.

Recipe for the business owner's soul

As all mums learned how to cook that one dish they can whip up with their eyes closed, comes the principle of a devised layout of an equation of sorts and what is known to be called a recipe.

This blog would like to do a play on providing you recipes on a regular as a form of inspiration for business owners and professionals like you.

Let’s face it.  These meetings come along with their attached level of stress that not only bring pressure on you but on your partner and staff as well.  Meeting marathons can get too overwhelming - the feeling of counting the hours and minutes till your meetings are over; that mounting anxiety over the thought of you looking pale and hungry; and if your brain is still making the correct decisions.  A marathon of meetings is indeed a professional’s curve ball. 

We hear you.  While there are numerous ways to alleviate stress during a work day, some are just too tedious. Below is a simple recipe on how to deal with stress brought about by a day full of meetings.


  1. Cups of Tea: Hints of lavender or chamomile or any herbal tea with notes of the same scent will not only help calm your nerves with its taste and warmth but will also induce instant relaxation.
  2. Dabs of Intensity (to your focus): Regardless of how all these meetings went down, at the end of the day, it will be helpful to take the focus off the internal feeling of stress and bring it to the other positive and important things that came up during these meetings. It’ll be easier to digest resolutions and ideas if you have a clear view of what these meetings are for. This will help you put yourself in the “zone” – a state wherein you’ll be as engaged as you can to the matter at hand.
  3.  Spoonful of Visualization: Transcending yourself to an amazing scenic landscape by sitting in front of a picturesque scene can immediately provide a soothing effect. If this is not possible then you can also try looking at old happy family or friends’ photos. According to an article published in 2014, this exercise can absolutely bring a calming effect during stressful situations.
  4.  Handfuls of Breath: Breathing exercises can help you reduce the tension and lessen the stress. That extra boost of oxygen can aid you with your blood pressure making you feel more relaxed.  Pro tip: sitting up straight and slouching less promotes better oxygen absorption.
  5.  A sprinkle of Breaks: This will be helpful in between back-to-back appointments. Take a bathroom break, a nap, or even a 5-minute walk. Not only it prepares you for your next appointment, it will also give you a heads-up on what needs to be resolved in the next round of discussions.
  6.  Drops of Comedy: A good laugh is pretty much the easiest to achieve with less effort. Watch a viral video for example. Laughter releases hormones (Endorphins) into the bloodstream and increases oxygen hence, improving your mood.


Crack open your Comfort Zone.

Carefully transfer a sense of Empowerment back to self.

Collect and arrange Ideas neatly on the shelf.

Grind and ponder on at least two possible decisions and beat vigorously for improvement.

Remember to clean up your Psyche.

Lastly, engage in some quality time with your friends and family so you’ll never run out of inspiration to keep doing what you do!


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