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Learn to empathise with customers

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Learn to empathise with customers

 Learn to empathise with customers

There are two things to address when a customer is being difficult: the problem itself and their emotional concern. Yes, that’s right. Their emotions need to be addressed, too. The customer might not be right, or their complaint might be easy to fix, but always maintain a conscious effort to connect to them emotionally. Letting them know that you understand where they are coming from and that you comprehend the situation completely makes them feel that you are an eager audience, then making them more willing to negotiate their concerns with you.

The situation might be unfavourable to you since you’re the one who's dealing with a tough customer, but if you will set your own emotions aside and try putting yourself in your customer's shoes, you will have a better understanding of what their concern is all about. It will help if you will look them straight in the eye and maintain a friendly and understanding stance. Apologise when it is needed. There are a few times that empathy alone can fix the issue. Tough customers will most likely soften down if they feel important and you take their arguments to heart.

To find more information on empathising with customers, visit this link here to take you to our Operations Manual

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