How do I become a successful restaurant owner?

How do I become a successful restaurant owner?


Being a successful restaurateur.

If you're a business restaurant owner or manager in hospitality, there's no escaping public attention, so don't give away the advantage by stumbling or being ill-prepared.


Be ready to use the most flexible and reliable of your marketing assets - you!


  1. 'Business is great'. Period. Nothing is more boring than business owners or managers complaining about how hard life is. No-one cares. Even if it's slow, tell us about one of your clever staff, interesting customers, or menu changes you're excited about. You may have to 'fake it to make it', but this won't be the first time.


  1. Support a cause, thoughtfully and consistently. The local soccer team is nice, but other groups may be more inspirational and engage people more effectively - child sponsorship through a charity group, overseas aid or environmental work. Something that you and the staff can watch develop and feel proud of. Make your support known, but modestly.


  1. Have something on paper to give away - a page of recipes, your top 10 tips for throwing a party, food & wine information sheets for customers who want advice on areas A great way to add personality to a business.


  1. Check the friendliness and quality of your phone messages and email replies. Unfriendly voicemail or staff can sabotage your image, and mispelt emails make you look uneducated. Family members answering your phone without the right 'tone' can make you sound like an amateur.


  1. Dress for success. It's not about labels, but people assume you have a good life, so wear modern clothes and shoes, certainly beyond the standard of your staff. Decent glasses, a good haircut, and gentlemen, shave every day if you don't have a beard. Signature items like ear-rings or a tie can create a memorable effect. Have your teeth whitened if they're looking dingy. Smile more. Uniforms are great for professionalism and band recognition.


Systemizing your business is a guaranteed way of being a successful restauranteur!


Cover every aspect of your business operations by having a collection of standard operating procedures.

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