Handling customers - Don’t take it personally

Handling customers- Don’t take it personally

Handling customers- Don't take it personally

There are hundreds of reasons why a customer might be sulky and tough to deal with. They might be having a bad day and unfortunately, that one wrong dish just triggered a barrage of complaints. It just so happened that you are the person that is on the receiving end of their wrath and their rants. Keep in mind that the customer may be angry but may be not exactly at you, but at their own predicament. 

A negative reaction such as shouting and cursing is considered natural when a person is angry. A situation with raised voices, coupled with rude remarks will definitely test your patience, but this is when you can practice your professionalism. Stay calm. Do not let the customer’s demanding attitude brush your confidence away. Instead, keep your professional manner and approach the situation with a huge amount of patience, supported by politeness.

A customer will find it hard to stay angry at you if you exude both, this, along with a projected eagerness in helping them. Once the issue has been addressed, these types of customers would usually apologise and thank you for being kind and patient with them.

To find more information in how to deal with customers and their approach, visit this link here to take you to our Operations Manual https://bit.ly/2OMujuN.

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