Employee performance standards

Employee performance standards


Schedule a meeting with your employees to discuss the details of the employee performance standards.


More than just giving your employees a copy of the employee performance standards, it is a must that you explain all the details of the document to them.

This is to avoid any misinterpretations and to also address concerns and questions right away.

You need to have a special schedule for new hires.

You can also delegate this task to your restaurant manager but make sure that his or her understanding of the employee performance standards is the same as yours and that he or she will be able to explain its details properly.


Setting performance standards helps ensure your employees know how effectively they need to work and what is required in the workplace.

Use the job description as a starting point, so they know what to do, what their roles and responsibilities are for their position.

Once you have set the standard, then it is also important to monitor progress and keep developing and training your staff.


For more help on setting the standard work performance in your restaurant – download our Staff Management Manual - http://bit.ly/2umhBey

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