Cooking for customers with food allergies

Cooking for customers with food allergies 

Cooking for customers with food allergies

Food handlers and chefs should be able to identify the top food allergens on the menu and should be able to provide the customer the same dish but without the food allergen or at least be able to offer an alternative.

Also in preparing the dish, it is of great importance that cross contact must be avoided. This means that the ingredient for the special order should not come into contact with other food ingredients that the customer is allergic to because even a small trace of food allergen on the dish can cause allergic reaction. To avoid cross contact, wash hands thoroughly and use different sets of clean utensils and cookware. Do not reuse cooking oil or another ingredient that had come into contact with a food allergen. Make sure that the kitchen or food preparing area is sanitised before food preparations begin.

It should also be practised that special orders should be placed on a different plate, bowl, or container so food servers can easily identify that it is a specially prepared food.

In case of an occurrence of allergic reaction, do not argue with the customer or even blame them. Immediately help the customer and provide first aid.

To read more about cooking for customers with food allergies and how to prepare the food properly, click this link to get a copy of the Operations Manual

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