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Be where your competitors are not

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Be where your competitors are not

Be where your competitors are not

Be friends with non-competing business owners so you can build a partnership with them too. You can exchange referrals to increase each other's business profits. Yoga class and Zumba class plus coffee afterwards is a great marketing strategy for two non-competing business since coffee is good and beneficial to take after a tiring workout. You can get free invites whenever they will have a session and all you need to do is be there to sell you delish coffee.

Give out stickers and decals to customers so that they can post them on to their bikes, cars, or anywhere they like. This will help you market your brand in a cheap way. You cannot be in many places all at the same time but your customers can. Seeing your logo anywhere with the help of your customers will certainly make you a common and recognisable local brand.

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