Food bloggers Australia

  Food bloggers Australia

Amazing photos of our favourite dishes partnered with very detailed text descriptions are already a treat for foodies like us.  And do you know that many bloggers, chefs, and business owners have capitalised on this demand? All by building an online presence using a website or social media of which Twitter and Instagram have been top choices since both platforms enabled these people to quickly post and share a photo, an idea, or a link straight from their smart phones and tablets. Twitter and Instagram have also provided them a quick and easy way to engage with their audience or to follow other foodie accounts from different parts of the globe.


Individuals and businesses who have been receiving lots of attention through these social media platforms are now being called “influencers” – movers and shakers in the industry who share what’s new and what’s trending when it comes to food and even beverages. Followers react by liking and further sharing the original posts of these influencers, even posting about their own take on a recipe or a visit to an influencer’s restaurant or café.


Twitter and Instagram are springboards for these influencers to kick off their online branding and their growing business. Entrepreneurs who are still at the early stage of building their own food business should also explore these tools as they are proven to help in marketing and sales. Social media if used properly can help businesses catch the attention of their target market and can then bring foot traffic to their actual shop.


Below is a list of some of the influencers that we follow and check on a regular basis. Feel free to do the same and get stuck in their world of glorious, glorious food!



“Mohawk Pastry Chef creating sweet treats with funky cool beats.


2,450 followers on Twitter


Instagram: @annapolyviou

85.6k followers on Instagram

Based in Sydney, this pastry chef’s feed is not as predictable as everybody else’s. Most of her photos are from their kitchen testing and dishing out new creation for their customers - from the flimsy colourful tier cake to intricate little mounds of perfected sweet dough with the works! She also gets a lot of mentions from the likes of Master Chef, Shangri-La Sydney, and other prominent celebrities, mainly congratulating her of her many accomplishments.




“Sydney food and travel blogger.”

Twitter:  @sarahlianhan

1,189 followers on Twitter


Instagram: @sarahlianhan

11.6k followers on Instagram

Her Twitter and Instagram are one of the best go-to accounts on social media for food and restaurant reviews. She is not a cook but her opinion is big time for many business establishments around Sydney that is why you will notice from her posts that she is a constantly being invited in events, awarding celebrations, food tastings, and restaurant launchings. She is also a contributor for the AU Review.





“Sydney Food Photographer + Blogger + Mum Author of TASTY EXPRESS Cookbook.”

Twitter:  @cookrepublic

5,669 followers on Twitter

Instagram: @cookrepublic

143k followers on Instagram

Someone as famous and as talented as Sneh would definitely turn heads (and spoons?) in doing what she does. Her passion towards food is shown in her recipes and photos like they’re talking to you and inviting you to come and visit her kitchen. The photos on her Instagram are pretty minimalist by nature but most of them are like pages torn from a cookbook. Her approach in food is simple by nature but the taste, rich and very delicious. No wonder she bagged the “Best Australian Blog” in 2013.




"Visual storyteller & strategist, commercial photographer with a documentary style."

Twitter:  @foodlifeimages

1,630 followers on Twitter


Instagram: @johnreyment

514 followers on Instagram


Because we need to watch what we eat sometimes, John would really convince you to consider making healthy choices with the food that you eat outside or cook at home. John would often state what a meal is comprised of in his posts.  He would even help you battle food waste with recommendations on how to rehash your leftovers. What a steal!




Discover the latest Breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Twitter: @forksake

1,687 followers on Twitter

Instagram: @forksake

42.4k followers on Instagram

Whether you’re on their Twitter, Instagram, or website, Forksake will never fail to make you crave for their promoted dishes. They specialise on Melbourne food and will always recommend the newest places to eat out in the city. From rustic to 5-star, this blog got you covered.




Cake Maker, Zumbaron Whisperer, Stud Muffin.”

Twitter: @zumbopatisserie

49.4k followers on Twitter

Instagram: @zumbopatisserie

176k followers on Instagram

There is nothing amateur with anything that is posted on Adriano Zumbo’s feed. If you fancy desserts and other sweet treats then his social media accounts are absolutely for you. He is usually referred to as the Dessert King by major brands and hotels around Australia and New Zealand.



Photographer and food stylist.”

Twitter: @ironchefshellie

3,399 followers on Twitter

Instagram: @ironchefshellie

38k followers on Instagram

Whether it be having a picnic or making galaxy donuts at the studio, her feed of close-to-perfection photos would win you in an instant.  Shellie does food styling and photography workshops too.


“Cake and food enthusiast.”

Twitter: @NotQuiteNigella

16.8k followers on Twitter

Instagram: @notquitenigella

51.2k followers on Instagram

Lorraine loves to travel and to check out the different cuisines that she encounters in her adventures. At home, she tries out all of these dishes and fuses them with her own unique cooking style. She also never misses to wow her followers with her easy-to-follow recipes plus tips on how to maximise ingredients and pantry supplies or organise the kitchen. Her approach is always very practical!



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