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Business Manuals Made Easy: Liquor Licence Manual

Business Manuals Made Easy

Liquor Licence Manual


There are many benefits to having a documented Liquor Licence Manual.

You will find that there are many free items available on the internet, but WE are the only ones that have everything you need in one document, making it easier for you to run your business and save you time and money.

Included in our manual are the following documents:

  • Registers and checklists
    • RSA & RMLV certificates
    • Sale of Liquor Acknowledgement forms
    • Incidents
  • House Policy examples
  • Standard drinks guide
  • Acceptable forms of ID guide
  • Refusal of service guide
Having all these documents in one place makes it so easy for you. 


Some of the benefits for you as the owner or manager of a food business are that you:

  • Comply with Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing conditions
  • Comply with RSA and RMLV training
  • Reduce risks in the business
  • Standardized procedures for easy delegation, consistency and expectation of tasks
  • Increase workplace/team/staff effectiveness, therefore reducing staffing costs and time & food wastage

So download today, and make your business run easier for you!

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