Business Manuals Made Easy has manuals to make it easier to run your hospitality business. 

When you have a restaurant or cafe; your dream is to be the king or queen of your castle, and make money and have freedom to do what you want.


I found that when meeting many restaurant and café owners/managers, I saw that many of them are generally operating without any documented policies and procedures, and didn't have any clear systems and processes.  This is especially important when you are required by law to be compliant for your licensing agreements.


There are many benefits to having manuals or standard operating procedures in your business:


More money for you:

Get more money in your pocket and be able to spend on stuff that you really want.

  • Valuable asset when selling your business
  • Clarity of business requirements
  • Increase workplace , team & staff effectiveness
  • Reduce your wages costs
  • Reduce your food and wastage costs
  • Provide consistency of workflow

Business Manuals Made Easy


More time for you:

Have more time to do the things that you really want, and have some freedom in your daily routine, so you can really enjoy running the business.
  • Provide structure, systems and information to your team
  • Make ready policies, procedures, tasks and checklists
  • Standardized processes
  • Easy delegation of tasks
  • Clear communication with staff & expectations
  • Increase performance of your staff
  • Improve consistency of operations
  • Maximise potentials of the business
  • Business becomes automated

Business Manuals Made Easy


Be compliant:

When you follow the rules you will be protected and find that everything flows and operates much easier.  AND your stress is reduced tremendously!!!
  • Reduce your risks for fines, complaints and harassment
  • Structure for workplace, health & safety
  • Structure for Food licence regulations
  • Structure for Liquor licence regulations
  • Structure for Fair Work regulations
  • Food Safety Manual includes all the information required by Food Safety Supervisors


Business Manuals Made Easy



Additional benefits (the cherry on top):

These are the extras that make you happier, your team empowered and a professional operation.
  • All manuals are current and up to date with latest information
  • Customers get the best possible experience, as your business is automated
  • Can be used as a foundation for process improvement
  • Used as a training tool
  • Used as training refreshers for existing staff
  • Provide safety in the workplace

Business Manuals Made Easy


So, have your restaurant operate the way you dreamed it would be. 

Happy staff, happy customers, and your register ringing constantly with the sound of lots of sales!!

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