Recipe for the business owner's soul: “Cookie Recipe for Food Business Owners”


Recipe for the business owner's soul: “Cookie Recipe for Food Business Owners”

As a food entrepreneur, there are some days that you will just feel drained and burned out. This is because running a business can be physically and mentally exhausting. That is why this month, we are sharing a cookie recipe that could help bring back all those positive vibes that you need to get going. Cookies can brighten up a boring and tiring day. The sugar rush that it will give you when you take that first bite is just so satisfying that it could erase all your worries away. Cookies can also be a rewarding treat for yourself for all the hard work and effort that you put into your budding enterprise. Sounds good, right? This extraordinary cookie recipe was formulated to keep you motivated and energized. Here is how you can prepare it: 


  • A cup of clear insight – There a lot of things that you need to take care of in your business. Often times, you get so busy that you get side-tracked, steered away from your original plans and processes. Always have a clear vision of where you want to take your business. Set goals and plan out how you intend to achieve them. A clear picture of your goals will always be a strong driving force whenever things get a little bit overwhelming and confusing. 
  • A generous amount of patience – Business might be slow on some days and there might even be some unexpected delays or problems that you might encounter along the way. Be patient. A problem cannot be fixed alone by sulking over it. Take time to exhale, keep calm, and try to keep positive while you find the right solutions. An even-tempered mind is a sure key in going through difficult times with ease. 
  • A spoonful of assistance – Running a business doesn’t always have to be a one-man team. Delegating is one way of helping not just you but also your staff so that they can grow and mature professionally. Delegating tasks will give you more time to look at other things that can help you improve your business while your staff learns new tasks that can make them acquire new skills. 
  • Ladelful of creativity – Failures might discourage you but it is also an avenue for you to be creative. If one plan or idea did not go as expected, take it as a chance for you to think of another creative plan to turn a negative situation around into a positive one. Keep in mind that your idea might be the next biggest trend so always encourage yourself to be innovative.
  •  A drizzle of fun – Running a business doesn’t mean that you have to be too serious and leave having fun out of the business equation. Have at least some few minutes to huddle your staff before opening your business and have a little cheer to boost everyone’s morale and to set them in a fun positive mood. 


  1. Wash your mind from all doubts.
  2. Preheat inventive ideas.
  3. Mix well your strategic plan and creative ideas together with a decisive mind.
  4. Do not rush, follow your plan, and provide enough time to let your plan and ideas cook into fruition and success.
  5. Share your success with everyone. You and your staff all deserve a pat on the back for a good and productive business at the end of the day.

  Give yourself a cookie. Try this recipe out today!

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