4 Solutions to Keep Your Venue COVID-Safe This Summer


With summer fast approaching outdoor dining is set to take centre stage with relaxed restrictions for outdoor areas. Now is the perfect time for venues to consider the best ways to keep their customers COVID-safe and remain compliant. 

To help hospo businesses navigate the new normal we’ve rolled out a number of solutions to help create a safer environment for guests, while boosting efficiency and maximising sales.

Here are four of our latest COVID-safe features for hospo businesses all over Australia prepare for the summer ahead. 

  • Safe Check-in
  • Table Ordering
  • Contactless Payments
  • Integrated Delivery


Safe Check-in

It’s now a legal requirement for venues to record the details of all guests who visit their venue. And in a COVID-safe world, a pen and paper is no longer a viable option for recording details.

To help venues adapt to this new requirement we rolled out our free contactless Safe Check-in feature in early June – just as businesses across Australia were opening their doors to dine in customers again.

Our Safe Check-in uses a contactless QR code to easily capture guest details and safely store their data. The Safe Check-in form also includes exactly what your state government requires, ensuring you’re always compliant with local regulations.


Table ordering

The hospo industry has seen a lot of change in 2020 and the introduction of social distancing was a big one. No matter if your venue has outdoor or indoor seating offering contactless table ordering gives everyone peace of mind by reducing contact between customers and staff.

Lightspeed’s contactless table ordering solution lets customers order and pay at the table via their smartphone. Orders then automatically sync to the POS and are sent to the kitchen printer ready for production. And that’s not all:

  • Upsell high-profit menu items to increase customer spend
  • Save on labour costs
  • Easily update digital menus and cut costs on menu printing
  • Quicker service for customers


Contactless payments

Contactless payments have been popular in Australia for years and the coronavirus pandemic accelerated this trend even further. A growing number of customers are ditching cash in favour of contactless payments because of their convenience and increased level of safety.

With cash in decline it’s more important than ever for hospo businesses to be flexible when it comes to accepting new payment methods. Payment systems, like Lightspeed Payments, that are regularly updated to meet changing customer demands are a great way to prepare your venue to accept all forms of contactless payments.

Lightspeed Payments allows businesses to readily accept a whole host of payment methods in a quick, safe and secure way. Plus, it seamlessly integrates with payment terminals and accounting softwares (like Xero and MYOB). This means no more keying errors from staff and no more discrepancies as all transactions are automatically reconciled.


Integrated delivery

No outdoor dining space? No problem! The popularity of food delivery services skyrocketed during the recent lockdowns and many hospo businesses pivoted to takeaway only options. Despite government restrictions easing across the country, demand for food delivery remains high and this trend is set to stay.

Lightspeed’s handy delivery integration means you can receive all your takeaway orders, from Uber Eats, DoorDash and Deliveroo, straight to your POS – just like a dine-in order.  By offering online delivery you can safe-guard yourself against potential restrictions or lockdowns, as well as:


  • Reach a new pool of customers
  • Open up new revenue streams
  • Encourage people to try you out in person 


Government grants

Did you know a number of state governments have created several grants and assistance packages for hospitality businesses?

These grants can be used to:

  • Cover rent and/or salaries
  • Update or replace equipment & technology, like POS systems
  • Purchase outdoor furniture
  • Assist business operations, and more


Is your venue prepared for a COVID-safe summer?

This summer is going to be like no other and now is the best time to get prepped for the months ahead. Implementing COVID-safe solutions, with a little help from technology, is the first step in remaining compliant and keeping guests safe this summer.


This article was written by our friends at LightSpeed

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LightSpeed provides cloud based point of sale (POS) systems. The Company offers e-commerce, payment processing, accounting, multi-location management, and reporting and analysis solutions.

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